Recycling Fundraiser April 23 – 24, 2016 Fort Erie Centre for the ARTS – Flo Odding invites you to 1150 Sunset Drive Fort Erie Golf Club

Recycling Fundraiser April 23 – 24, 2016 Fort Erie Centre for the ARTS – Flo Odding invites you to 1150 Sunset Drive Fort Erie Golf Club

the idea girl says
got an event invite!

Thanks to Flo Odding for letting me know.

quote from FACEBOOK post
Rotary Club Fort Erie
Attar, Fort Erie Golf Club

Where: Collection bin at
Fort Erie Golf Club
1150 Sunset Drive

What: donations of
Scrap metal pop cans,
Appliances, Phones
Computer equipment,
Household batteries
audio visual equipment …..

Information call
905-993-5627 or 289-680-1266



the idea girl says

so this is another thought that I am adding to my low income housing utility project of ideas which I’ll blog here and then email Donnelly and Wayne Gates MPP Niagara Falls so they can take a look at it and hopefully think about implementing it to reduce the number of years low income families have to wait to get affordable housing.

I interviewed Elliott at the Salvation Army on Gilmore Rd in Fort Erie Ontario CAnada. NOw I’ve suggested we use the volunteers and people ALREADY working for these utility help programs to expand it to pay ALL utilities for low income families, so that they only thing they have to worry about is their RENT.

I was SHOCKED when Elliott told me how much we spend helping the local families.

$100,000 dollars per year is used for Utility assitance – disconnection notices, or disconnected utilities – water, gas, and hydro for low income families that cannot afford to pay it due to the lack of funds.

I asked him if there’s a STATISTICS for the Year of how many families this involves.

He did give me a ball park average of what most families have issues with in this area – HYDRO HEAT the AVERAGE billing is $700.

WOW! 700 dollars! and that’s for ONE month’s hydro heat for a house.

i know a fella who is low income, a bachelor apartment and his HYDRO HEAT bill came up to $500 for one month during the cold spell. OUCH!

So I’m wondering. Are the CNP Canadian Niagara Power Meters cost efficient? Are they new (have they replaced them to the digital readings?) or are they OLD, and perhaps not accurate.

Also is the Landlord and Tenant Act going to ENFORCE that LANDLORDS need to INSULATE ALL Apartment Rentals to make them more cost efficient for their TENANTS?

I think our government should create a LAW for this. Not only will it create Construction jobs, it will make the homes more cost efficient for TENANTS and should the LANDLORD live in the home, it will make it better for them too!

Now for Landlords that RENT to low income persons, they should either get a TAX Credit for updating the home, or get a GRANT or a Break on a loan interest rate. IF the government invests in people’s homes to make them better, it’s going to make them more keen to VOTE for your PARTY! It’s also going to build a better support network.

I think this “insulation” law should also apply to commercial buildings and rentals of ANY kind.

ONe of the big things I’ve been told is that FORT ERIE, RIDGEWAY and CRystal Beach was considered only to be “cottage country” for the PAST 100 years and that the MAJORITY of homes here are3 NOT insulated for these cold winters.

It’s obviously reflecting in the utility bills. So we solve THREE issues doing this.

1/ create construction jobs – EMPLOYMENT = INcrease in TAXES + BONUS to Municipal, Provincial, FEDERAL Tax INCOMEs TO the Government.

2/ INcreases REtail/Industrial SALES – FActories that MAKE Construction supplies – CREATES JOBS and Employment = INcrease in Taxes + Bonus to Municipal, Provincial, Federal TAX Income to the Government.

3/Updating your Houses and Apartments = INcrease in REal Estate VAlues so You will make MONEY if you SELL with everything updated.

** on a side note another aggrivating thing here is that most of the houses, apartments that are RENTALS have only 60 AmP services. So many of the TENANTS cannot purchase cost effective heaters and run them safely = more fires, and unhappy tenants because their heaters cannot run on the electricity in their homes. this should ALSO be a law that needs to be enforced! **

This will REDUCE costs of heating, electricity for Rental Units to Tenants.

You want the Hydro Electricity, Hydro Heat, Gas Heat, and BAthrooms, taps updated (conserve WATER, Hydro, GAS) this will make the utilities cheaper for Tenants, Landlords and if the Government chooses to go with this Utility Program Idea , they too will save millions of dollars.

Updating all the homes, makes their REAL ESTATE VAlues higher. So if you decide to sell and BUY something bigger and better or smaller, it’s going to be ready for you!

A Community that cares about itself. I know you are all related in many ways here in Fort Erie. I hear 90% of you are related to each other, so it’s a tight knit family unit here. Any outsiders are welcomed with open arms, because were friendly folk here.

I am APPALLED at many of the apartments I visit though, in this area. They are VERY run down and not taken care of. Usually it’s a money issue, so the Government needs to help reduce poverty not only in money, food, and necessities, but in housing as well.

There’s tons of homes here that can be converted into more housing, but they need money to do it.

This too would reduce our waiting lists for people needing homes. I find that we have so many refugees needing help, they grab all the low income rentals first, and to me, that’s not really FAIR. It should be equal. Canadians need to have housing FIRST and then you give the EXTRA to people coming into the country.

Mind you, THe Refugees are very ambitious people! I’ve met quite a few and the first thing is a/ cell phone b/ job and c/ buying a car, d/ buying a home. They work hard, long hours to reach their goals ( I think some of them work harder than most Canadian’s I know).

We tend to live from pay check to paycheck. WE like to buy our luxuries, and we don’t like to do without ANYTHING we want.

Theses refugees live a simple , uncluttered life. They are happy with NOTHING in their homes. It made my head spin when I found out they don’t buy toilet paper!
They use WATER .. INteresting… I couldn’t adjust to that type of life style. 🙂

I admire them for doing it.

So we can solve our problems, it just takes ideas and people willing to implement them!
I have more about my interview with Elliott

it’s friday – I deem it rabbit trail writing day for Linny! LOL

Donnelly, Wayne Gates MPP Niagara FAlls – USE the OESP Plan to Handle Registrations for Low Income Families – Idea Girl Canada – Notes Jan 21, 2016

Donnelly, Wayne Gates MPP Niagara FAlls – USE the OESP Plan to Handle Registrations for Low Income Families – Idea Girl Canada – Notes Jan 21, 2016
the idea girl says

I have a new idea i’m going to call it the “Low Income Housing Utility Project.”

An earlier email, and idea that I sent to local Fort Erie Ontario Canada Donnelly, and Wayne Gates who is the MPP of Niagara Falls Ontario Canada was that the Government can pay for utilities for low income families. So they only have to take care of their rents. This would reduce our 8 year housing waiting lists drastically in the Niagara Region ONtario Canada.

So I was thinking since OESP is doing a discount on hydro bills for low income families, why not extend it to the WHOLE hydro bill which is registered under the landlord’s name, and then the bill is paid by the government. They can use the computer systems and volunteers and workers that do the INTAKE forms (Like Elliott does at Salvation Army here in Fort Erie Ontario CAnada) and the staff that PROCESS the actual Government (confirming Income Taxes etc..) Employees that do this already.

We have the staff set up, a computer software program that can be easily modified, to keep track of Client Member I’D’s for ODSP ONtario Disability Support Program or OW Ontario Works and CPP Canada Pension Plans, and why not add in the Seniors too because their incomes are low as well.

To have digital forms to sign, I say we re hire some of those postal workers that CAnada Post let go (downsizing) to do IN TAKE Digital Consent Forms that go with the applications, and it’s digitized, so the IN Take Agencies can fill out the forms, attach the Digital Consent Forms and process it a whole lot quicker than 6 to 8 weeks.
We can use the LEAP Program, Utility Payments process (normally they just do disconnections, arrears or completely Disconnected Utilities – Gas & Hydro, but we can expand this program workers to help process the utility bill payments.

I’m interviewing Elliott at Salvation Army to find out what the process is for the LEAP Program, (pays utilities)
STATS, (how many cases does he have per year?) – how much monies are spent on arrears and disconnects in the Niagara Region Ontario Canada?

Leap – help for low income consumers
Emergency Financial Assistance (EFA) Program – LEAP
need to bring your ID, Proof of Income, Rental agreement or receipt and your Utility bills to the interview – GAS & Hydro (you are told this in a phone conversation while booking your appointment.