Love Fest Community Kitchen Meal Feb 2015


love fest meal fort erie FSNFE meeting notes

love fest meal fort erie FSNFE meeting notes


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see how to make a glazed ham recipe with pictures showing you step by step how to make it (this wasn’t served at the meal, just LOVED the pic and plan to try this out!)

the idea girl says

at the FSNFE meeting Feb 11 2015 Anne was telling us the numbers were down for the “love fest” meal that was held at the Salvation Army Church on Gilmore Rd a sort of family valentines dinner?

I think it was on Saturday feb 14 2015 or close to that date.  I didn’t write down the date.

It was disappointing because they handed out 73 tickets and only 31 people showed up for the dinner.

At the library the rumor was that they would only be serving grilled cheese sandwiches.

there was a bit of a snow storm issue and it was bitterly cold and the buses don’t run after 530 pm from the jarvis street area here in fort erie.

several strikes against them.

they did have a lovely ham dinner with potatoes, mixed veggies


my advice for future events, let people know the menu ahead of time for a special dinner.

They can decide whether or not they will like it (it’s hard on kids that are picky eaters, or people that don’t eat certain meats)

and then there’s always a rumor mill to deal with.

If you know what’s being served then your more than likely to get a larger crowd.

as for transportation issues.

any meals in fort erie are better from 300 to 430 pm, that way people can use the fort erie transit to get around in bad weather….

thanks to the church that put this meal on for the time and effort and a special thank you to anne and all the volunteers that showed up to put this meal on..


also many people were turned away from this meal because they didn’t have a ticket, when they called to ask they were told not to bother showing up.

It might be good for people to be there at a certain time (if the meal begins at 300 then they need to sign in by 230 pm, and have a coffee, tea for 30 minutes before the dinner) and then at 245 pm, if they HAVENT signed in, new people can come in and take the empty seats ticket or not….