Fort Erie Ridgeway Crystal Beach Ontario Canada Community Luncheons Christmas 2015 Dinner Schedules

Fort Erie Ridgeway Crystal Beach Community Luncheons Christmas Dinners

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I’ve asked Mary Anne from Bridges what the schedules are for the FREE community luncheons held every Saturday here in Fort Erie Ontario Canada.

I’ve noted them on my static page that shows you maps of their locations, and pictures of what the churches look like.

The Salvation Army has a sign up for Christmas Dinner for Singles in Fort Erie. For Two or more, families, they are giving out Christmas Vouchers, they only have so many sign up dates for it.

St Vincents does one too, you’ll have to check the store on Jarvis Street for it’s details. You can either sign up with one or the other for a Christmas Meal/Voucher.

Thanks to those of you who donate your time, energy and money to help our local food bank drives, and meals, we really appreciate all that you do!

Please support any of the stores that HELP with the FOOD BANK drives, and luncheons. We help them, they help your local community people!


TREES SNAP, WAVES 7 FEET HIGH HITS Fort Erie’s – Lake ERie, Crystal Beach and OLD Fort Erie – The WEATHER NETWORK TEAM

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oct 29 2015
high winds over 100 km hitting fort erie, crystal beach, ridgeway ontario canada

lake erie’s 7 feet high waves are crashing and flooding the shores.

the powers out in places on dominion rd, to nigh rd due to a transformer being knocked down with a tree

that snapped in half from the wind.

It might be back up now! (later in the afternoon)

Harry & I headed out to the Palmwood BEACH area along crystal beach, we spotted some of THE WEATHER NETWORK camera’s crews filming and shooting pics of guys trying to surf the big 7 foot high waves in over 100 km winds

I got out and took some selfies, and pictures of tree’s that snapped in half due to the wind storm.

I uploaded those on my webpages on THE WEATHER NETWORK  it should be showing in the next 24 hours.

Harry lost his favorite hat and the weather network guy was filming in our direction, so not sure if he caught me having a temper tantrum yelling at harry to get away from the crashing waves, (his hat flew across 20 feet right into the Lake’s big waves LOL) he was TICKED!!! lol

I was like YAH!!!! arm up in the air, hooray for the universe, I’ve tried to throw that old 15 years old holy hat out in the garbage for years, finally the universe did it. LOL

poor harry he’s lost without his hat, one less argument for us! (now to work on those 25 holes jeans he’s got! lol)

check out the photos on idea girl canada photo story (more stories written there)

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Lake Ontario 5 ft Storm waves hurricane JOAQUIN OUTERBAND winds 90 km/hr beamsville CANADA

Lake Ontario 5 ft Storm waves hurricane winds 90 km/hr beamsville

the idea girl says
check out the huge waves!

I haven’t personally seen 5 ft high waves on lake ontario before

we were out hiking along the QEW Niagara and stopped in Beamsville and found some cool waterside trails to go walking on.

I have photos of the place, which will be put up here someday when I get the time lol