TASTE of FORT ERIE 2015 attracts New Jobs Businesses Building our Local Economy

TASTE of FORT ERIE 2015 attracts New Jobs Businesses Building our Local Economy

the idea girl says

One of the great things about the internet is being able to talk to people from all over the world…

Blogging and being part of a “global blogging community” is even better and I’ll tell you why.

Writing about your ideas for your community, and having a bunch of fans read your stories, and tell their friends, families and acquaintances, and then watching them be implemented, is so exciting!

One of the idea’s we blogged was to “introduce” the world to Fort Erie Ontario Canada – not only by blogging on WordPress, and filming videos for our youtube channels about what to do, see and where to eat, but also allowing the “international tourists” to come to our Town of Fort Erie and have a TASTE of our culture, foods and of course to enjoy some shopping!

I didn’t expect to develop a big fan base here, somehow I did. 🙂 Thanks to all of you for sharing my stories, and ideas and putting them to work *wink*.

It’s great to see how people are beginning to LOVE Fort Erie again! It was so sad three years ago when all we saw was ANGER, disappointment and frustration from the community. Now there’s HOPE for a better tomorrow, not only for all the adults, but even the teen’s are realizing that they will have a better tomorrow if they only believe in themselves.

We are also teaching the younger generation (before they become teens and start thinking about what kind of career they might want to have.) that things can change when you believe in yourself, and in the people around you…

Taste of Fort Erie was fantastic! Our favorite Rock n Roll Music, the Arts, Dance, Drawing, Fun & Games, Food!

They did it all on ONE very SMALL street! – Jarvis ST!

Bridgeburg District is coming ALIVE again.. In baby steps! 🙂

Thanks to all the sponsors and people that made it happen. You made me and thousands of my readers smile…. 🙂

see some of the photos and stories about this event.


Taste of Fort Erie – Facebook


Lake Ontario 5 ft Storm waves hurricane JOAQUIN OUTERBAND winds 90 km/hr beamsville CANADA

Lake Ontario 5 ft Storm waves hurricane winds 90 km/hr beamsville

the idea girl says
check out the huge waves!

I haven’t personally seen 5 ft high waves on lake ontario before

we were out hiking along the QEW Niagara and stopped in Beamsville and found some cool waterside trails to go walking on.

I have photos of the place, which will be put up here someday when I get the time lol

Linda Randall- The Idea Girl Says – Shares her Travel, Tourism Ideas with many companies, business and community event programs

see photo here:

the idea girl says

I’ll be visiting you soon if you are a new business, community event that someone invites me to interview people, or write about on my blog!

thanks to all of my readers for sharing these tips with me on FACEBOOK. I appreciate you adding content for me on my blog.

it sometimes takes me a week to two months to do most of them. Depends on my schedule. This summer I took lots of time off to recoup from illness and to get myself in better shape because sitting behind a computer day and night was unhealthy for me.

I’m feeling much better, so I’m back to blogging a little more often now, a few times a week.

It will stay that way! it’s better for me health wise. 🙂
I have more photos of some of the exciting things that have been changing here in fort erie ontario canada.

Soon I hope to add another city and new projects next spring!

I want to add different materials to my youtube channel, once I get a wifii camera or a new computer!